Spine Physiotherapy Centre/clinic in Indira Nagar

Spine Physiotherapy Centre/clinic in Indira nagar

Welcome to Physiotherapy Centre In Indira Nagar

The centre was founded in 2006, since then it has managed to gain trust of its clients by providing premium quality services at pocket friendly rates. We have both clinic and home based services even at the wee hours of the morning as We believe in providing utmost comfort to our clients, their comfort is our main concern. Physiotherapy Clinic in Indira Nagar is the hub of highly qualified professionals. Physiotherapists help patients affected by injury, disability through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and make them mobile again.We believe in wholesome approach giving you premium full body treatment along with healing the affected area.

Physiotherapy could be a healthcare branch that works on a physical aspect of ailment. It's a drugless therapy. It works towards rehabilitation and maintenance, to bring back lost activity to near normal perform. Further, EXTRA CARE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC could be a very well known clinic in Indra Nagar, Lucknow, India. It's with success last over ten years by the team of extra Care physiotherapy.

The name is impressed by the word "CARE". Where you care to induce cured of joint ailments. it's a well organized and well equipped set up of physiotherapy. It's a shortwave diathermy, Interferential therapy unit, ultrasonic therapy unit, Electronic traction unit, Electrical nerve stimulator, etc. Approach for exercise therapy is additionally one among the most effective which has Active movements, resisted exercises against weight, positional changes to boost strength. Active/passive stretches, yoga postures to enhance flexibility. Maitland's joint mobilization to improve joint ranges.

Physiotherapy centre in Indira Nagar, Lucknow provides novelty quality services. It is one of the best physiotherapy centres in Lucknow providing excellent recovery and guidance. Our aim is to provide top notch services to our clients in best possible way. We all are well acquainted with the fact that true happiness comes from hale and hearty physical and mental well-being. Any disorder in our health affects our lifestyle. We all are prone to injuries when we don’t take care of our surroundings. To refuel us again we need a physiotherapist. In order to stay up to the mark regarding the whereabouts of physiotherapists near your vicinity. We many times encounter pain in our lives. When not treated on time such pain becomes more and more deepened and prominent haunting smooth functioning of our lives.

Physiotherapy Clinic in Indira Nagar branch are available at throughout the day to serve you well. Our physiotherapy centre in Indira Nagar has produced many success story and it has continued to live up to the expectations of our clients giving best treatment.

Our Mission on Your First Appointment:

In case of pain, initially prioritizing the treatment towards pain relief is vital. we will work on the painful structure using treatments like electrotherapy, manual therapy, joint mobilization, and easy exercises to alleviate pain.The advice will be given on a way to relieve strain on painful structures is important at this stage- giving damaged tissue the appropriate rest to the tissue within the first five to ten days which can help guarantee a faster recovery. Rest could also be in the sort of taping, positioning with pillows, braces your physiotherapist can guide you on what's best for you. As actually said, stitch in time, saves nine. Physiotherapy will be most useful at the first sign of a problem and might truly stop minor niggles developing into a major problem that leaves you unable to hold out traditional daily routine and sport.

The mission of this organization is the alleviation of pain, disability, and impairment through therapy. it's our endeavor to attain success during this mission of ours through professional care supported the principles of proof based mostly practice.

Our Approach

The clinic specializes in patients with a wide variety of sports, orthopedic, neurological disorders. The scope of practice extends from common disorders such as neck and back pain, post fracture and surgical rehabilitation, tendonitis, ligament and muscle injuries to less common but more complex problems that arise as a result of pathologies such as arthritis, strokes, Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-barre syndrome, total hip and knee replacements etc.

The clinic also specializes in sports injuries – both acute as well as chronic. In rehabilitating patients, both children as well as adults with neurological deficits, the clinic's approach is based upon a task-oriented approach. This approach is particularly effective as it allows for the incorporation of the principles of motor learning. Moreover, this approach anchors the rehabilitation effort in functionally oriented tasks that are relevant to the patient's day-to-day activities.


Exercise therapy on 1:1 ratio
Advance Manual Therapy Techniques
Male/Female Physiotherapists
Result Oriented Treatment and many more.