Home care physiotherapy

Home care physiotherapy

Home based physiotherapy and rehabilitation services across Lucknow

Extra Care Physiotherapy centre has now established home care physiotherapy and rehabilitation services across Lucknow to address all your physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs.
Our goal is to provide comfort healing at your home. As we come across cases where patients cannot drop in to our rehabilitation center due to aging problem, neurological cases and various extreme conditions.

We need to focus on 3 areas

  • Ensuring access to appropriate physiotherapy service.
  • Promoting participation of family for patient with chronic illness and debility.
  • Works best for Patients with Neurological disorders (Adult / Children)/ acute Orthopedic cases, Patients who have difficulty in Mobility.

We are here to give comfort healing at your home.

No matter where you are consulting or where the surgery has been done, we can provide the best quality of physiotherapy care. If u looks for physiotherapy services at any area in Lucknow for any problem, please feel free to reach us.

Extra Care Physiotherapy centre committed for the fool proof evidence based better quality of Physiotherapy care in Lucknow. As we understand the need of old aged, neurologically suffering clients and other who find to travel to our setups, we established the home care physiotherapy for all your needs at your door step by experienced qualified and dedicated physiotherapists.

A valid reason to choose Extra Care Physiotherapy centre for home care physiotherapy services

  • Most of our physiotherapists are experienced and done Master in physiotherapy.
  • Extra Care physiotherapist are selected on basis of rigid interview and scrutiny procedures.
  • Physiotherapy treatment are monitored by experience physiotherapist on periodical basis.
  • Fool proof evidence based treatment protocols.
  • All physiotherapists undergo the regular continuous professional education training.
  • All Physiotherapist work in our physiotherapy setup on regular basis, not just home care physiotherapist.
  • Most of Physiotherapy modality available at home care services.
  • Paralysis treatment, electrical stimulation and physiotherapist trained in neuro rehabilitation approaches available for your home care.
  • All Electrotherapy treatment available at your home.


Our vision is to provide home physiotherapy care for patients with quality therapy utilize their home environment. We strive to provide unparalleled home physiotherapy, servicing in and Lucknow. We also provide instruction and encourage you to continue working towards your rehabilitation goals on your own between our visits.