Ortho Physiotherapy

Ortho Physiotherapy

Physical therapy focuses on the problems from the muscular skeletal system (muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons). Physical therapy in this area deals with diagnosing, managing and treating injuries and problems from the muscular and skeletal methods and rehabilitating right after orthopedic operations, as well. Orthopedic therapy workers function particularly in treating postoperative joints, acute injuries due to sporting activities, arthritis and amputations. Some from the techniques and approaches involved in orthopedic physical therapy to make recovery faster are strength training, hot/cold packs, joint mobilizations and electrical stimulation. An additional procedure recently utilized is sonogram, particularly in remedies like muscle retraining.

Orthopedic physical therapy is truly essential to restore the patients’ activity, strength and motion right after injuries or surgery. Its importance is two folded. 1 the 1 hand, orthopedic patients typically have deficiencies and weaknesses which could be eliminated or at least alleviated via particular targeted workouts and only a specialized physical therapist can show the patient and teach him/her the appropriate workouts designed to restore and enhance functions or, at least minimize the problems.

Below are essential things therapists can do in orthopedic physical therapy and there are lots of rehabilitation tools that they have on hand. Among these we ought to mention: stretching, strengthening (closed chain, proprioceptive, etc), ice and heat therapy, ultrasound, etc. Stretching is critical if a patient has stiff joint, which can affect normal activities severely. Proper stretching exercise can assist preserve such functions. To aid a patient in improving the function of his/her muscles, increasing endurance and maintaining or improving the range of motions strengthening workouts are utilized. Closed chain workouts are meant to assist balance the strength of muscles whereas proprioceptive workouts assist patients who lost the sense of knowing where a body part is in space due to a sprain for example, learn again how to control the position from the respective injured joint.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

 Pre and Post Surgical Care of all Orthopedic Conditions

 Balance/Vertigo Rehabilitation

 Postural Training

 Arthritis Management

 Back/Neck Rehabilitation

 Joint Pain Management

 Headache Management

 Manual Therapy

 Spinal Stabilization

 Anserine Bursitis

 Muscle and Ligament Strains and Sprains

 Auto Accident Injuries

 Work Injuries

What can you do to help us with your treatment

During your first appointment, we will need to find out from you about your problem, how it started and how it is affecting you. We may also need to ask you several questions about your problem to allow us to fully understand your problem. We will discuss with you what your goals and concerns are about your problem. To properly assess your problem area, we will ask for your permission to remove some of your outer clothing so that we can see the affected area and perform movements and test on you to establish exactly the cause of your problem. You are requested to bring all the previous MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray , Discharge summary , Doctor Prescription etc. along with you.

  1. How long will my assessment or treatment session last?
  2. Dependent upon your problem, your initial assessment may last up to 45 minutes.
  3. Follow up treatment sessions may last up to 30 minutes-1hour.