Manual therapy


Basic concept of MET?

MET are a type of manual therapy technique used to lengthen, strengthen and improve the range of movement of muscles. Your physiotherapist will resist the desired muscle while you contract it and push against the physiotherapist. This contraction is held for about 5 seconds and the process is repeated several times with a short rest in between.

Why go for MET

MET are based on reciprocal inhibition which is the theory that when a muscle is contracting, the opposite muscle of the joint is relaxing. So as one muscle is contracting against your physiotherapist, the opposite muscle is being stretched. MET allow the individual to contract and stretch the muscle to its full potential and take the joint to its full range of movement. When this is repeated, gains can be made in muscle flexibility and strength.

Where to utilise of MET?

MET can be used by healthy individuals to maintain muscle flexibility and to prevent injury. MET are also used as treatment for problems such as:

 Pain inhibited movement of neck, shoulders and back.




 Leg length discrepancy

 Muscle injury

 Muscle tightness