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Extra Care Physiotherapy Centre aims to deliver smile by improving joint and muscle functions with its expert physiotherapy services. We have a team of highly qualified physiotherapists who strives to help patients in regain mobility. With their in-depth knowledge and holistic approach, physiotherapists help patients to recover from any injury, illness or disability ranging from knees pain, muscle pain, neck pain to ligament issues. Not just that, we also help patients to recover from Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis and Stroke
If certain type of pain in your back, neck or knee does not subdue in a day or so then it’s a right time to consult a physiotherapist. If you are not in position to visit the clinic then better to take advantage of home physiotherapy service offered by Extra Care Physiotherapy Centre. It is advisable not to bear the pain for long which you mainly experience while doing any particular movement.
We at Extra Care Physiotherapy Centre offer a wide range of physiotherapy services ranging from Neurological Physiotherapy, Spinal Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy,Pediatric Physiotherapy to Manual Therapy.
To cure the central nervous system of the body, neuro physiotherapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. It helps in recovering patients from any injury or damage to brain.
Return to your normal activities with Spine Physiotherapy that cures any damage to your spinal cord. With proper assessment of spinal cord that damaged due to an accident, falls or sporting injury, physiotherapists perform best physiotherapy treatment.
Cure muscle injuries of the athletes with Sports Physiotherapy which is the most effective non-surgical treatment for sport persons to regain mobility!
Provide tangible support to children with Pediatric Physiotherapy for their overall development, helping them in recovering from various disorders like Neurodevelopmental, orthopedic and neuromuscular.
Modify the way you lead your life with manual therapy or physical therapy that helps in recovering from knees pain, muscle pain, neck pain to ligament issues in most effective manner.
Women need to give their body a better care to relieve pain syndromes. Call a Female/Lady Physiotherapist now and prevent physical challenges related to muscle pain, joint pain and other impairments!
So if you are among those who want to cure a range of injury, illness, disability or disorders using physical means then don’t search ‘physiotherapy clinics near me’ in Google search box, just call at Extra Care Physiotherapy Centre and get best physiotherapy treatment at the comfort of your home.

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Our team of therapists is well trained and certified.

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What do we treat?

Orthopaedic conditions: like , joint problems, arthritis, Post knee/hip replacement , ligament sprains,etc Special program for arthritis
Neurological conditions: like stroke/ paralysis, spinal trauma, balance disorder, parkison etc
Pregnancy exercises, breathing techniques for delivery and post delivery exercises.
Menopausal problems: like incontinence, osteoporosis,etc.
Old age problems: like arthritis, falls ,etc
Life style stress management
Work related physical disorders: like backache, neck pain, etc
Vascular conditions: like varicose veins, atherosclerosis, swollen limbs after surgery, etc.