Mckenzie For Spine

Mckenzie For Spine

Basic concept of McKenzie technique ?

The McKenzie concept is a technique used to treat back pain. Your physiotherapist will instruct you to make repeated movements which will show which movements reproduce your pain. Your physiotherapist can then deduce which structure is causing pain in the spine and apply effective treatment. How does the McKenzie concept help?
Treatment consists of an exercise programme based on movements that relieve pain. The exercises are specifically tailored to the individual and are designed to centralize pain and therefore reduce pain.

Why go for McKenzie technique

The McKenzie concept has the following benefits:

 Reduces pain

 Restores function

 Advice to maintain pain relief

 on positioning and posture to prevent reoccurrence.

 Where to utilise McKenzie technique

The McKenzie concept is beneficial for anyone with mechanical back pain such as:

 Joint stiffness

 Reduced range of movement