Well said By Mr.Edward Teller

“THE SCIENCE OF TODAY IS THE TECHNOLOGY OF TOMORROW.” When we are talking about medical treatment, it is a very vast field including spinal ,muscular , neurological , postural and mechanical problem. Physiotherapy is the branch of medicine that treats the physical and mental ailments without the use of any pills or injections. Physiotherapy is majorly used for rehabilitation purposes and is administered after a major accident or surgery that helps in bringing the patient.

There are various modalities that are used in physiotherapy that give mental and physical relief from pain and help in increasing the strength of muscles as well as range of motion of the joints. The physiotherapists are highly trained professionals that understand the very status of the body of the patient and decide the modality that must be given to improve the patient’s state of health. Physiotherapy is meant for people of all ages and it works on both physical as well as mental level. It can deal with the spinal problem, orthopedic problems such as arthritis, neurological problems such as neuropathy and also special cases like cerebral palsy.

In order to provide the best treatment to the patients, it is important that the physiotherapist has all the essential equipment and machines that are used for giving different modalities to the patients.

We at Extra Care Physiotherapy are working specifically to overcome the spinal problems like neck pain & lower back pain through latest electrotherapy modalities or spine physiotherapy clinic in lucknow.


Static Cycle
Shoulder Wheel Compact
Supinator- Pronator
Wrist Circumductor
Quadricep Chair
Heel Exerciser
Ankle Exerciser
Finger Ladder
Finger Gripper
Oval Gripper for each finger exercise
Physio Ball
Exercise Ball
Balancing Board
Rowing Machine
And More...