Neuro Physiotherapy Centre

Neuro Physiotherapy Centre

Neurological management of physiotherapy involves the treatment of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord and all the peripheral nerves to the face, body, arms and legs. Where there is damage to part of the nervous system, whatever the cause be it disease, surgery or accident a specialist physiotherapist working within the field of neurology can help.

If the nervous system is damaged there may be difficulty in controlling movement in any part of the body. The movement that is present may be poorly coordinated or weak, and individual muscles may feel weak and floppy or very tight with spasms or tremor. Along with movement disorders there may be impaired sensation, such as temperature or feeling. In addition there may be problems with speech and swallowing, vision may be altered. Some patients will experience mood changes, together with altered ability to concentrate and remember things.

Physiotherapy treatment will follow a full physical assessment together with a detailed history of the patient's past and current medical condition. Often there will be consultation with family and carer as to current problems in order that appropriate aims of treatment may be decided upon. There will then be goal setting followed by a period of treatment, during which the changes will be constantly monitored in order that treatment can evolve to meet the needs of each individual. Home and work environment are important in addition to individual lifestyle.

Developmental / Early years

     Developmental Delay
     Delayed motor milestones
     Coordination issues / Clumsiness / Falls
     Torticollis (wry neck)
     Toe Walking