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Someone has rightly said “Health is Wealth” In everyday lives, we all encounter a problem of frozen shoulder, injuries and pain. Some of these issues are not resolved by having normal painkiller, proper attention is needed to fix the problem. This is the time when physiotherapy comes to the rescue. Physiotherapy these days are quite a demanded job profile as needless to mention that the large mass of the population suffers back pain due to hectic nine to five schedule. To bring ease we all need a qualified physiotherapist near you.

Physiotherapists in Aliganj Lucknow is one of the most popular areas. As the need for physiotherapist is rising we want you to stay updated about whereabouts of regions near you and the services it provides so that you can find the hassle-free solution to your problem. As we all know Physiotherapists treats sprains, knee and back pain, arthritis, posture problems, and other joint-related issues likes. We are going to give you a quick link who can be your saviours at the time of need.

Physiotherapy Centre/Clinic in Indira Nagar

Some of the most renowned Physiotherapists in Aliganj Lucknow are-

Dr Santosh Kumar Upadhyay (PT)-

  • He is a Chief Consultant Physiotherapist, Manipulative & Vestibular Therapist. He has done Ph.Din Physiotherapy. He has also bagged many awards in his kitty. He was awarded for " Outstanding Achievement Award" by Dept. Of Orthopaedics IMS BHU Varanasi in June 2018.
  • He bagged an award for " YOUNG ACHIEVEMENT AWARD " by Indian Association of Physiotherapist at RIMS Ranchi in February 2017.
  • He achieved a prize for "SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION AWARD" in the field of Physiotherapy by INCPT AIIMS in December 2016, New Delhi.
  • From a couple of awards, he got, one of them is for "YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD FOR Physiotherapeutic System of Medicine" New Delhi in September 2015

Dr. Akanksha Upadhyay-

  • She is the managing Director Manual Therapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractor Techniques.

Dr. Uma Shanker Mohanty (P.T.)

  • for Certificate in Manual Therapy, treatment of Knee and functioning of the ankle.

Dr. Narkeesh Arumugam (P.T.)

  • for Osteopathic and Chiropractic Techniques for Lower Back Pain..

Dr. V.Prem (P.T.)

  • Manipal for Visceral Manipulation of Stomach, Liver and Small Intestine.

Dr. Manish Arora(P.T.)

  • for Kinetic Chains and Myokinetic Releases

True state Happiness is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for all sorts of injuries. Science-based care Clinically and scientifically proven techniques to help heal conditions affecting your body and help in regaining full motion of the frozen areas. .

Android phones have made many lives easier. Some of the mentioned physiotherapists in aligning are highly successful and qualified with oodles of experience to serve their patients in the best possible way. With a few clicks, every information is there on your screen. The scope of physiotherapy is vast and in a place like Lucknow where every service is top-notch. Many types of physiotherapies are available. We are going to list a few of them.

Spinal physiotherapy- This type of physiotherapy is done to heal spinal cord injuries or any pain linked to spinal cord. When physiotherapy is done for several hours it results in muscle growth.

Sports physiotherapy- it is a kind of physiotherapy which is linked with sportsperson. Life of a sportsperson is filled with high activities which may sometimes result into injuries. As sports injuries are different from normal injuries, there is a specialised branch to treat it.

Manual physiotherapy- As the name manual suggests, this kind of physiotherapy is done by hands. Skilled physiotherapists with the use of hands treat musculoskeletal pain and help in increasing the mobility of any frozen part and relaxation quotient of the body.

Paediatric physiotherapy- This type of physiotherapy is done for children or babies under 19 years. It involves some exercises, enlightening about posture correction so that the child may reach his or her adolescent with optimum personal growth. It helps in muscles strengthening and development.

Neurological physiotherapy- This involves treatment of people that stem from disorder in body’s nervous system. Neurological physiotherapy helps the patient to improve their functioning of the body as our nervous system is the central unit of our body. Blockage in its functioning haults other processes too. Neurological physiotherapy recativates the affected parts

Physiotherapists in Aliganj Lucknow are well trained and treat patients with the utmost care and knowledge. The prime motive always remains to give the best possible treatment.