Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Basic concept of soft tissue mobilisation?

Soft tissue mobilisation is a general term used to describe different forms of massage therapy. Your physiotherapist will use manual techniques to affect muscles and other soft tissues. Soft tissue mobilisation is used to relax muscles, promote healing and breakdown scar tissue.

why go for soft tissue mobilisation ?

Soft tissue mobilisation works by mobilising muscles and therefore breaking up scar tissue. The mobilisations also help to remove waste products from the damaged area which increases the speed of the healing process. Soft tissue mobilisation also helps to release the tension in the muscle which increases flexibilityand rangeofmovement.

Where to utilise soft tissue mobilisation?

Soft tissue mobilisation can help to treat many conditions such as:

 Muscle injury

 Muscle spasm,Contractures

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




 Scar tissue